Three Bedroom Metro

Three Bedroom Metro
Three bed metro floorplan

Plan Three Bedroom Metro

House Area: 117.47 sqm
House Dimensions: 21.3m x 6.1m
Open Timber Deck: 26.33 sqm
Carport or Garage: 19.20 sqm
Investment: Starting from $498,960 includes GST

This module, like the others, can be added to any other module or link, to create your own preferred home.

Greenhaven Homes are:

  • AFFORDABLE – Smart floor plans with few hallways and waste space enables a smaller overall house area at a competitive initial cost.
  • DURABLE – Built for NZ’s coastal environment with a minimum of maintenance required.
  • STRONG – The primary structural material (wood) is a proven performer and the latest wind and earthquake resistant bracing systems are utilised.
  • SUSTAINABLE – We use materials and processes that are environmentally responsible and resource efficient throughout each homes life cycle, from siting to design, construction and operation. Wood especially is abundant, renewable and carbon neutral.
  • COMFORTABLE – Various proven energy efficient design features and products as detailed in our typical specifications section ensure healthy and comfortable living for the lifetime of each home.

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The available options are not limited to those listed above and can be customised to suit each owner’s exact requirements, site conditions and latest sustainable products and systems available.
greenhaven eco homes

What’s included in our quoted price?

  • Greenhaven Homes Eco Build specification
  • PC sum for delivery to site within 250k distance of factory
  • PC sum for house piling within specifications NZS3604 (light timber
    framed building)
  • PC sum for engineers site soil test
  • PC sum for surveyor house set out and report
  • PC sum for Stage 1 building consent fees
  • Decks as per Greenhaven Plans
  • Engineer’s design fee
  • Full Contract Works insurance
  • 10 year Halo Builders Warranty
  • Colour and Kitchen consultants

What is excluded from our quoted price?

  • Building Consent fees for Stage 2 (Client site BC fees)
  • Mains water and sewer connection fees and services
  • Excavation and site access
  • Septic tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Mains power connection
  • Fridge
  • Centre book shelving unit (shown in some home designs)
  • Velux skylights
  • Washing machine
  • Phone connection
  • Site works – Fences, Paths, Driveways, etc
  • Solar is excluded, we do pre-wire if required by the client.

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