Energy efficient, Sustainable, Healthy Living Eco Homes

Greenhaven understands the need for New Zealand homes to be energy efficient, healthy living and eco friendly.

Our philosophy is to build quality, energy efficient homes using excellent insulation, cost effective radiant heating and passive solar gains using concrete mass while using sustainable building products. Our architecturally designed homes are positioned to maximise the sun, to heat the homes through the large glazing units on the north face and a cross ventilation system to cool your home in the summer. Energy efficient homes require little heating and retain heat well, reducing your overall running costs.

Poor housing design and construction create damp and mildew, growing black mould. Living in these environments will create on going health problems, respiratory ailments and asthma. 

Greenhaven Homes are a healthy lifestyle choice. Living in dryer, warmer homes are only some of the benefits.

greenhaven eco homes

Our designs are compact and maximise space.  The feeling of spaciousness and functionality are created by key features of over height ceilings and window joinery along with extra width in the hallway and doorways. This provides excellent accessibility for people with disabilities, walkers or wheelchairs. Our homes can be future proofed with options such as level access showers, shower seating, grab rails and moveable kitchen tables.

We offer varying services and specifications to help meet client budget and requirements

Onsite build service in Wellington, Horowhenua, Kapiti, Manawatu and Hawkes Bay areas

Greenhaven Homes are expanding areas of on site build services as we partner up with Licensed Builders in your region. Our standard designs are modular so adding modules to each other to create the design that you require for your lifestyle or offering a future proof option as your needs change.

Greenhaven Homes also offer a full design and build process, tailored around your family and lifestyle requirements. Gary, our resident designer, will work with you and the Greenhaven ethos to design you an Eco home with exactly what you need. Gary offers years of research and accumulated expertise in designing environmentally friendly, sustainable, energy efficient homes.

Whare iti (small house)

These cleverly designed 1 Bedroom homes are purpose built for infill building on your or your family/Whānau land. This shared living option offers an affordable, cost effective solution to the sometimes daunting and stressful move to a retirement village.

The option of staying close to Whānau while maintaining an independent life creates a positive and happy living environment for Greenhaven clients. As the Whare iti is a secondary dwelling, there is no requirement for a Resource Consent in most Territorial Authorities. We can transport these homes almost anywhere.

small house build

At Greenhaven Homes we understand the impact that building our homes has on the environment. We have recycling systems that we have introduced in-house to minimise wastage. We use sustainably farmed FSC rated materials, LED lighting, energy star rated where possible, Low VOC paint and wool insulation.

Total self-sufficiency with off-grid living

Total self-sufficiency and off grid supply can be achieved if all the Greenhaven options are selected e.g. rainwater storage tank, battery storage of the photovoltaic power system, low energy appliances, composting toilets, aerated waste treatment systems and grey water garden irrigation systems.

All our homes are built with materials to withstand the New Zealand coastal environment, very high winds and earthquakes.

Let us help you make your dreams a reality. Come and visit our Show Home. We would love to meet you and start your journey to live the Greenhaven way.

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